June 23, 2012

The Nail Files Linkup: Week Five

Hey y'all, I know I haven't been posting too frequently, its a really busy and stressful time going on in these parts right about now. But it is after 1:00 AM, and I found some time to do my nails and join this here linkup! You know the drill if your nails are all pretty and things head on over to Vicki & Tara for The Nail Files, and linkup so you won't be left out of the equation. :) My nails have been growing so much and so long and I kinda prefer them short and neat so I trimmed them up this week, and I knew for sure I wanted to do some kind of pink and bright summer color!

  • Wet & Wild: Wild Shine in Dreamy Poppy $1

So this was the color I chose. Its super pretty and super affordable. Just a pretty hot pink.

Wet & Wild has some really nice and pretty polishes and SO affordable.

Anyhow, I realized my nails looked WAY to plain, I'm not so plain...Lol. I love just adding a simple touch of sass with an accent nail, and since my nail last week didn't have an accent I added another polish to my ring finger for a little extra somethin' somethin'.

Essie LuxEffects: Set in Stones $8

So I broke out my Essie Luxeffects in Set in Stones($8), which I've been waiting to use since I got it.

Then the finished product looked like this...

I think it added a little something, but not too much. Me like! Do you??

I love mixing polish hi's & low's(if that makes any sense) together.

Don't forget to grab the button...

Peace & Love


  1. My mani is almost identical to yours - it's OPI Kiss Me on My Tulips & the same Essie you used. I didn't link-up this week but I did tweet a pic :)