February 15, 2014

Feelin 22... In July.

Well guys this year I'll be feelin' 22!! (I actually really hate that song.) And since my birthday is on the weekend of the Fourth of July (July 6) I figured, although early, why not get out on the open waters and enjoy the salt life that Charleston offers?
Great idea right? I really want to get a few of my friends together and rent a boat for a few hours and cruise around, wherever it is to cruise around. I know the prices will probably be jacked up around the holiday and I don't want to go broke. I just want to cruise around the Ashley or the bridges, enjoy some a lot of drinks.
If any of my local Charleston friends know of any good Marinas that are reasonably priced especially if I book ahead, PLEASE let me know! I live in the Summerville area, but I wouldn't mind traveling, but not to far.
Anybody else gearin' up for their birthday VERY early?
Peace & Love

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