February 2, 2014

House of Cards... Blog Additions

We'll as many of us do, I was looking through some different blogs. Ya know, just making sure people I like to follow are still alive and especially the people that live in Charleston. Gotta keep up with my peeps! 

I was reading through Megan's blog (Fried Green Pickles) and she made a "5 Things" post about the very shameful "Snowmagedon" we had here. I'll show y'all a picture of my car in a later post. 
She said that she watched a Netflix series called "House of Cards". I usually don't like political shows because I hate politics, but this show IS AMAZING!!

I was just obsessed after the very first scene! Thanks Megan! 
So with that being said I made up a little something here that I'm going to call "13 Things I Thought!" which is basically when you watch, listen or even do something new, 13 things you thought about it. It could be 13 things that you have to REALLY think about, but I think it's a little more fun to make them the 13 immediate and candid things that you thought. With that being said, here are my 13...

1. NOT THE DAWGGG!! *ugly cry face*
2. I really like this man! 
3. This reporter kid is trouble... And I like it! 
4. This B*TCH! (Linda)
5. That. That is a wife! 
6. We don't need your damn sympathy! (Church couple) 
7. Well... o_o (sex scene)
8. Oh! Wifey is an ice queen! 
9. Mutual Admiration Society... HA!
10. F your bill!! 
11. Whew... Sneaky museum rendezvous swaps... 
12. Front page GOLD! (Take that Janean)
13. Yeeeessss. CAROLINA BOY! 

So what's something new that you've watched you tried, and what were your "13 Thoughts". I'd love to know! 

Peace & Love

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