October 2, 2012


Hola chicas, and chicos! I'm back, foreals this time though! I'm gonna get back into everything! Regular blogs, linkups (I've missed the NAIL FILES soooo much), because my nails have changed SO many times over the past month and a half or so! I also want to give the Foodie Pen Pals another shot, because I never received a package, and it wasn't because of the person that had my name, I honestly think it got lost in the postal system since I moved back to Charleston from North Carolina. Or my creepy/sketchy neighbors really stole it. But that's okay! I still want to give folks a "Taste of Charleston" which is an actual event held here every year that recently passed!
I can't believe its the fall ALREADY! It doesn't totally feel like it, except at night and early in the morning but I'm so excited! Riding boots, sweaters, scarves, OH MY! Then the Coastal Carolina Fair comes to town, then its Halloween, then before ya know it it'll be Thanksgiving and Christmas!
Then I have an update on my "Heat-Free Summer" challenge, with pictures!!
And I guess one would call them "Blog-Hauls" since I recently became OBSESSED with eBay, and I've bought so much jewelry from Hong Kong its ridiculous! I'm also on Pinterest now, AND this iPhone/iPad/iPod app called PoshMark where people can take pictures of clothes, shoes or jewelry that's new or gently used and sell it right there!! I already sold a pair of shoes for $20! SCORE!!
Anyways guys, I'm sitting in a really awkward and uncomfortable position with my laptop on my leg and its starting to hurt, I have conditioner in my head STILL and I heard a really creepy noise come from my laundry room, and I'm home alone, so I'm a tad scared... So I'll be back tomorrow with that hair update, and more! Stay Tuned!
Peace & Love

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