November 2, 2014


Happy LATE Halloween, I hope you all had a fun and safe Halloween, my Halloween was spent passing out a small amount of candy and then laying in bed because I have a cold and most kids were nowhere to be found for some reason.. 

I guess its because our Annual Fair just got here, or because of Friday night football games or something, but I passed out candy to like 5 sets of kids... #Bummer. 

I cannot believe it's already November. MY goddaughter London will be ONE! A whole year since my Chipmunk was born. I probably haven't talk about her or her mom here before because I've been so MIA. 

Impromptu story. 

I met Courtney (London's mom) last year July while we were in training for a job, turns out we went to the same high school and she graduated only a year ahead of me, but I never saw her before in my life. We quickly became friends and then BEST FRIENDS. She was actually pregnant at the time, I was there for her during her pregnancy, and her relationship drama with soon-to-be ex-husband. I encouraged her to break the rules and take long lunch breaks, because I was concerned about her & the babies well being, I'm a rebel. We always went to the mall so preggo could get all the free samples she could handle. Then November 15th, chipmunk is born! 

She's such a cute little ginger baby, almost toddler and I love her to pieces. She also loves selfies! 

Court, Chipmunk & I. She's already ready for the camera. 

Can't wait for her "Under The Sea" party. Her present shall be epic! 

*CHEERS* To an amazing October and an even better November! 

Peace & Love

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