November 2, 2014

Erin Condren Planner 2015!!

So, I've been needing to get my life on track and get my shit organized. And the fall/winter of 2014 has already been amazing, and I am looking forward to 2015 and what better way to get of #BestYearEver2015 than a pretty new planner to organize and house my chaos. 

So I decided to invest in an Erin Condren planner. It's so pretty, its so thorough, and its SO PERFECT! 

I accidentally didn't chose the option to have the remaining 3 months of this year along with the 2015 calendar year included, so my planner doesn't start until January. But that doesn't stop me from planning ahead and placing invitations in there! 

If anyone is interested in getting the planner follow my referral link here

Now time for pictures! 

OK, small sidebar. I didn't even know it came it yet, according to the tracking info it was somewhere in Georgia. WRONG! It was on my dining room table waiting for me! I was headed out the door and noticed the box and I was like... wtf is that. Saw the label and dropped my purse just to open it up!

Ain't it pretty? 

So it came with an unexpected envelope filled with sticky gift labels, about 12. Will definitely be well used this Christmas! 

Also a little booklet about other products that they offer. 

Also came with a nice little coupon for $10 bucks off my next purchase, which I already used for my best friends planner that I'm getting her for Christmas. 

Look how careful & neat everything was. I appreciate this. 

And there is my beauty of a planner. I LOVE animal print, so this was PERFECT for me! 

Your damn right I'm gonna plan my life! 

So, here are some extras that I also got with my planner. I got the pen holder to stick to the side so I wouldn't always have to go fishing for a pen. And I'm excited to get pretty gel pens to mark up a storm! 

Also Got these coil clips, which I've already put to use. You can stick an invitation or a reminder or anything that's happening in a particular month on the coil clip and snap it into any page of your planner. My friend Cady's Baby Shower invite is already locked and loaded, long with the registry info because I need to remind myself to send a gift since I won't be able to make it. 

These are the event stickers I personalized for myself. In case you can't see, some include "Homework Due, *Sale, Bill Due, and Plan Menu"

These are the event stickers that already came with the planner itself that includes, "*game, *hair appt, *concert, and *party!" It also included some empty ones in case you thought of some ideas later on. 

Here is the pre-installed folder of the planner "keep it together" and the perpetual calendar where you can write all your friends and families birthdays & anniversaries to just easily put in your new calendar, year after year. 

The clear Ziploc section came with a few more gift tags and also some reminder cards to give to a friend or colleague. It also had a label that matched the planner with my name on it that can be used for whatever I please, not just gifts. 

You can also buy stickers from Hobby Lobby or wherever you buy stickers and fun crafty type things and spice it up with the changing of the seasons and whatever events you'd like!

SO... overall I love the planner and I wish I could add more things for next year already and fill it up with goodness and stickers and fun exciting things!! If you have one, please let me know how much you love it, and if you have any other accessory suggestions let me know as well. 

Happy Planning!! :)

Peace & Love

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