October 14, 2014

Project Gone Right!

Well, as most women are, I am obsessed with Pinterest! Recipes, wish lists, crafts and neat little tricks I never knew existed. For instance the trick to cleaning out old candle wax from Bath & Body Works jars for all types of uses. Bathroom essentials, candy jars, even gift jars for SO many different things.

However, most tutorials call for the boiled water method, then discarding the wax, but the tutorial that i found was MUCH better!

If your anything like me, you get upset when a candle is done and see how much product is actually still left at the bottom that can never be burned... Not anymore. The tutorial [here] will show you how to clean out the jar and preserve your wax to freeze & use in a wax warmer or whatever those things are called.

An extra little tip that I found on my own was that most people always write the name of the candle that the wax is from on the Ziploc bag, to make life a lot easier, it just made more sense to me to simply peel off the sticker from the jar that has the name already on it & probably a pretty little descriptive photo and just stick it on the bag! Since I'm all about the visual, I won't have to guess what the scent may smell like, as soon as I see the sticker, I'll automatically remember.

I've only done two so far and here they are.

Here is Sweet Water Taffy, obviously. Its no longer available, hopefully it will be back next year for the spring/summer season, but its describes as "A sweet treat of vanilla cream whipped with fresh strawberries & cherries." This scent is currently burning in my house and smells DIVINE! 

Red Guava Lava, which is still available here, is another really nice Spring reminder during the dead of winter. This scent is described as "Hawaii's spectacular lava landscape is celebrated in an explosively fresh and fruity blend of red guava and passion fruit."

I have a few more scents coming up that I can't wait to try out, especially that candles that are in the Mason Jar Collection! This shall be fun! Y'all should try it & let me know how it goes. 

Peace & Love

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