July 7, 2012

The Nail Files Linkup: Week Six

So, I'm linking up with Tara and Vicki once again, to show off my prettyful nails!
Last week my nails were BARE, which is kind of rare for me. And on the Fourth of July I painted them a plain white, it was sloppy, last minute, and didn't last long AT ALL. I was really aiming at a bright color this week, and completely unexpectedly I was in my second favorite place(first being Target) and cruising through the face stuff aisle and somebody left a random bottle of polish that completely CAUGHT my attention, and it had to be mine, bonus, it was from my favorite brand, Sally Hansen...

There it is, a gorgeous bright lime-ish green(I suck at descriptions). And y'all know I had to add my sparkly accent to my ring finger!

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure: PARROT(how awesome is that name!)
Revlon: 340 Stunning

And this.....

was the finished products. Of course it my quick dry oil stuff, and I didn't clean it up yet. I'm loving this weeks Mani.. :)

So go ahead and grab the button and LINKUP, or I'll hunt you down.....o_o


  1. That color is perfect for summer! Goes perfect with watermelon :)

  2. that is such a gorgeous green!

  3. Ohh pretty color! Love when nail polishes catch my eye in the aisle and they turn out lovely :)