May 13, 2012

I've Moved On Up!!

So guess what guys... My phone got stolen at a grocery store and I was completely devastated. What 19 year old do you know can go 24 hours without a cell phone. Don't worry I'll wait.... Exactly, NONE! But I didn't want to wait the three or four days it would take to wait for a phone to come through the mail. So the very next morning me and my lovely mother went to the nearest AT&T store and coincidently I was eligible for an upgrade so I was able to get a new FREE iPhone!!! Yay! I got this one insured and bought a case to go with it. I'm so excited. The only down side is I have to manually re enter all of my phone numbers and I lost all of my photos and stuff. #epicfail. But I get much better apps, so I'm excited about that. But the store I went to didn't have the phone on stock, but they called another store and had it put on hold for me. While I was at the original store I got a case for the phone it was about $30, and when I got to the other store they had some cases on clearance and it was a MUCH cuter case anyways versus the other black and red case. And it was only like $17 something,so I exchanged the cases and saved a little money in the process. I already have the basic apps, angry birds, temple run, pandora, Facebook, twitter, google, and all that good stuff. If you guys have any app suggestions please let me know. I'd love your forever! :) and I'm posting this status from my phone right now via my blogger app!! It excites me. Obvi!

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