March 25, 2015


Dealing with the loss of a loved one is alway so difficult, especially a loved one that hand a vital hand in raising you. Saying goodbye is not definite, but its definitely not easy. Moving on with your life, trying not to have breakdowns and emotional outbursts is always a struggle. However, knowing that your no longer suffering your no longer in pain, your just at ease. The part that hurts my heart the most is that I wasn't given the chance to say goodbye to tell you that I love you one last time, or give you a final and everlasting hug. You'll forever be in my heart. I love you. 

R.I.P Grandma.

November 2, 2014


Happy LATE Halloween, I hope you all had a fun and safe Halloween, my Halloween was spent passing out a small amount of candy and then laying in bed because I have a cold and most kids were nowhere to be found for some reason.. 

I guess its because our Annual Fair just got here, or because of Friday night football games or something, but I passed out candy to like 5 sets of kids... #Bummer. 

I cannot believe it's already November. MY goddaughter London will be ONE! A whole year since my Chipmunk was born. I probably haven't talk about her or her mom here before because I've been so MIA. 

Impromptu story. 

I met Courtney (London's mom) last year July while we were in training for a job, turns out we went to the same high school and she graduated only a year ahead of me, but I never saw her before in my life. We quickly became friends and then BEST FRIENDS. She was actually pregnant at the time, I was there for her during her pregnancy, and her relationship drama with soon-to-be ex-husband. I encouraged her to break the rules and take long lunch breaks, because I was concerned about her & the babies well being, I'm a rebel. We always went to the mall so preggo could get all the free samples she could handle. Then November 15th, chipmunk is born! 

She's such a cute little ginger baby, almost toddler and I love her to pieces. She also loves selfies! 

Court, Chipmunk & I. She's already ready for the camera. 

Can't wait for her "Under The Sea" party. Her present shall be epic! 

*CHEERS* To an amazing October and an even better November! 

Peace & Love

Erin Condren Planner 2015!!

So, I've been needing to get my life on track and get my shit organized. And the fall/winter of 2014 has already been amazing, and I am looking forward to 2015 and what better way to get of #BestYearEver2015 than a pretty new planner to organize and house my chaos. 

So I decided to invest in an Erin Condren planner. It's so pretty, its so thorough, and its SO PERFECT! 

I accidentally didn't chose the option to have the remaining 3 months of this year along with the 2015 calendar year included, so my planner doesn't start until January. But that doesn't stop me from planning ahead and placing invitations in there! 

If anyone is interested in getting the planner follow my referral link here

Now time for pictures! 

OK, small sidebar. I didn't even know it came it yet, according to the tracking info it was somewhere in Georgia. WRONG! It was on my dining room table waiting for me! I was headed out the door and noticed the box and I was like... wtf is that. Saw the label and dropped my purse just to open it up!

Ain't it pretty? 

So it came with an unexpected envelope filled with sticky gift labels, about 12. Will definitely be well used this Christmas! 

Also a little booklet about other products that they offer. 

Also came with a nice little coupon for $10 bucks off my next purchase, which I already used for my best friends planner that I'm getting her for Christmas. 

Look how careful & neat everything was. I appreciate this. 

And there is my beauty of a planner. I LOVE animal print, so this was PERFECT for me! 

Your damn right I'm gonna plan my life! 

So, here are some extras that I also got with my planner. I got the pen holder to stick to the side so I wouldn't always have to go fishing for a pen. And I'm excited to get pretty gel pens to mark up a storm! 

Also Got these coil clips, which I've already put to use. You can stick an invitation or a reminder or anything that's happening in a particular month on the coil clip and snap it into any page of your planner. My friend Cady's Baby Shower invite is already locked and loaded, long with the registry info because I need to remind myself to send a gift since I won't be able to make it. 

These are the event stickers I personalized for myself. In case you can't see, some include "Homework Due, *Sale, Bill Due, and Plan Menu"

These are the event stickers that already came with the planner itself that includes, "*game, *hair appt, *concert, and *party!" It also included some empty ones in case you thought of some ideas later on. 

Here is the pre-installed folder of the planner "keep it together" and the perpetual calendar where you can write all your friends and families birthdays & anniversaries to just easily put in your new calendar, year after year. 

The clear Ziploc section came with a few more gift tags and also some reminder cards to give to a friend or colleague. It also had a label that matched the planner with my name on it that can be used for whatever I please, not just gifts. 

You can also buy stickers from Hobby Lobby or wherever you buy stickers and fun crafty type things and spice it up with the changing of the seasons and whatever events you'd like!

SO... overall I love the planner and I wish I could add more things for next year already and fill it up with goodness and stickers and fun exciting things!! If you have one, please let me know how much you love it, and if you have any other accessory suggestions let me know as well. 

Happy Planning!! :)

Peace & Love

October 25, 2014

New things..

Sooo.... look what just arrived for me!! My new ERIN CONDREN planner!! I saw it on my way out the door! Just a little sneak peek and I'll give you guys more details on this baby later on! 

October 14, 2014

Project Gone Right!

Well, as most women are, I am obsessed with Pinterest! Recipes, wish lists, crafts and neat little tricks I never knew existed. For instance the trick to cleaning out old candle wax from Bath & Body Works jars for all types of uses. Bathroom essentials, candy jars, even gift jars for SO many different things.

However, most tutorials call for the boiled water method, then discarding the wax, but the tutorial that i found was MUCH better!

If your anything like me, you get upset when a candle is done and see how much product is actually still left at the bottom that can never be burned... Not anymore. The tutorial [here] will show you how to clean out the jar and preserve your wax to freeze & use in a wax warmer or whatever those things are called.

An extra little tip that I found on my own was that most people always write the name of the candle that the wax is from on the Ziploc bag, to make life a lot easier, it just made more sense to me to simply peel off the sticker from the jar that has the name already on it & probably a pretty little descriptive photo and just stick it on the bag! Since I'm all about the visual, I won't have to guess what the scent may smell like, as soon as I see the sticker, I'll automatically remember.

I've only done two so far and here they are.

Here is Sweet Water Taffy, obviously. Its no longer available, hopefully it will be back next year for the spring/summer season, but its describes as "A sweet treat of vanilla cream whipped with fresh strawberries & cherries." This scent is currently burning in my house and smells DIVINE! 

Red Guava Lava, which is still available here, is another really nice Spring reminder during the dead of winter. This scent is described as "Hawaii's spectacular lava landscape is celebrated in an explosively fresh and fruity blend of red guava and passion fruit."

I have a few more scents coming up that I can't wait to try out, especially that candles that are in the Mason Jar Collection! This shall be fun! Y'all should try it & let me know how it goes. 

Peace & Love

Let Bygones, Be Bygones...

Let's just pretend I never left... again. I know I leave quit often, but lets just say life is quite... HECTIC.

In the bloggy world, I've become quite fond of organization. I recently ordered an Erin Condren planner, and I'm so excited!

*shameless plug* If you want $10 off, you can always use this link.

I shall get back into my blogging more, in all honesty, my life hasn't been interesting at all. Its been a little complex, and really.. AN EMOTIONAL SHITHOLE.

But I'm determined to get through it. I will survive. Its just taking me a little longer than usual to find my way this time.

July 10, 2014

Are You Happy?

Join the 100 Happy Days challenge.


February 15, 2014


That's the only thing I can say about the first episode of season two of House of Cards...
I'm still shocked. 

Feelin 22... In July.

Well guys this year I'll be feelin' 22!! (I actually really hate that song.) And since my birthday is on the weekend of the Fourth of July (July 6) I figured, although early, why not get out on the open waters and enjoy the salt life that Charleston offers?
Great idea right? I really want to get a few of my friends together and rent a boat for a few hours and cruise around, wherever it is to cruise around. I know the prices will probably be jacked up around the holiday and I don't want to go broke. I just want to cruise around the Ashley or the bridges, enjoy some a lot of drinks.
If any of my local Charleston friends know of any good Marinas that are reasonably priced especially if I book ahead, PLEASE let me know! I live in the Summerville area, but I wouldn't mind traveling, but not to far.
Anybody else gearin' up for their birthday VERY early?
Peace & Love

February 2, 2014

House of Cards... Blog Additions

We'll as many of us do, I was looking through some different blogs. Ya know, just making sure people I like to follow are still alive and especially the people that live in Charleston. Gotta keep up with my peeps! 

I was reading through Megan's blog (Fried Green Pickles) and she made a "5 Things" post about the very shameful "Snowmagedon" we had here. I'll show y'all a picture of my car in a later post. 
She said that she watched a Netflix series called "House of Cards". I usually don't like political shows because I hate politics, but this show IS AMAZING!!

I was just obsessed after the very first scene! Thanks Megan! 
So with that being said I made up a little something here that I'm going to call "13 Things I Thought!" which is basically when you watch, listen or even do something new, 13 things you thought about it. It could be 13 things that you have to REALLY think about, but I think it's a little more fun to make them the 13 immediate and candid things that you thought. With that being said, here are my 13...

1. NOT THE DAWGGG!! *ugly cry face*
2. I really like this man! 
3. This reporter kid is trouble... And I like it! 
4. This B*TCH! (Linda)
5. That. That is a wife! 
6. We don't need your damn sympathy! (Church couple) 
7. Well... o_o (sex scene)
8. Oh! Wifey is an ice queen! 
9. Mutual Admiration Society... HA!
10. F your bill!! 
11. Whew... Sneaky museum rendezvous swaps... 
12. Front page GOLD! (Take that Janean)
13. Yeeeessss. CAROLINA BOY! 

So what's something new that you've watched you tried, and what were your "13 Thoughts". I'd love to know! 

Peace & Love